Methods and Teachers

The methods I chose and important teachers with whom I studied:

Eastern Spiritual/Energy Disciplines*

  • Healing Qi Qong – Dr./ Master. Richard Liao; 6yrs & Dr./ Master Yin Q. Wang 7yrs
  • Pranic Healing – Master Choa Kok Sui 5yrs
  • Tai Chi – Master Gene Chen 4 yrs & Master Wu Te-yeh 3yrs
  • Aikido – Hideki Shirohira Sensei; Master Maruyama 9rs
  • Lazaris – 34 yrs
  • Kria Yoga – Ananda Church of Self-realization 25 yrs
  • Zen Buddhism – Hideki Shirohira Sensei 4 yrs

*Note: The above-listed disciplines are all considered one grouping. The
following six constitute the remaining disciplines.

Western Disciplines

  • Physiology – Moorhead State University
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming – Master Practitioner NLP Institute of California Richard Bandler
  • Touch for Health Kinesiology – Certified Practitioner; Dr. John Thie Founder
  • Soft-Tissue Release – Dr. Stuart Toss Founder British Sports Therapy
  • Bach Flower Therapy – Certified International Practitioner
  • Yuen Method Therapeutic Qi Qong– Master/Dr. Kam Yuen Founder