Rodney Blount Healing

Welcome to Frontier Healing

Whatever your injury or illness, you have come to the right place.

Frontier Healing combines the very best of ancient wisdom and leading edge science to bring you a healthier happier life. Rodney Blount has trained for more than 45 years to assist you with the latest and absolute best that both conventional and alternative mind-body healing have to offer.

The Frontier Healing Approach – Two Healing Principles:

1. You heal yourself. No particular person, compound, procedure or modality does it for you. At best, external factors help you activate your own healing process.

2. Healing is a complex interaction between seen and unseen aspects of your overall being. Those aspects of one’s being are physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual.


My Goals For You Are:

  • Assist you in making the conscious choice to return to a process which will provide you and your body with an enhanced ability to cope with and resolve your illness.
  • Discover potential distortions between subtle energetic mind-body functions, and assist you in their resolution.
  • Help you gain competency and learn to initiate your own restorative power by using specific mind-body healing techniques, which I will teach you.


“I could never say enough wonderful things about Rodney that would do him justice. I would recommend Rodney to any person with any ailment and know they are in wonderful hands. Forever grateful!”
– Marsha S.

Take back your power to heal today