Terms & Conditions

This is an agreement between you (client) and me (Mr. Blount), outlining the terms of our working relationship.

Discovery Session – (2 hours): $ 350.00
All additional session fees are dependent on the initial assessment and discussed at that time.

Payment is due upon booking. Payment in advance is part of your commitment to the value of your healing process.
If I travel to your location the total fee plus all my expenses is due at time of scheduling.
Payment can be made in advance by check or direct deposit or via paypal upon receipt of invoice.

We will set up an agreement for the amount of sessions per month and the length of each session. All agreed upon sessions will be paid for at time of scheduling.

  • If you are going on vacation, we will spend more time before you leave or after you return.
  • If I am traveling and we have a session scheduled, I will let you know in advance and we will change our appointment date. Online sessions may be scheduled should either you or I be traveling.
  • Completion: When you feel complete with what you have accomplished during our time together, I ask that you notify me prior to our last session to review your gains, your learning, and what you will be taking away with you from your experience.

Well-formed outcomes: The client and I shall review your Well Formed Outcome submission by the end of the initial consultation before proceeding with any treatment protocols.