Process of Good Health

Discover the powerful healer within yourself

Remember, you are not a sick person trying to get well. You are a person ridding yourself of illness and returning to the Process of Good Health.

The Process of Good Health is a dynamic interaction between five vital aspects of one’s self: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intuitive/Psychic, and Spiritual.

In order to restore someone to the Process of Good Health, a practitioner must address all five components. They must be evaluated both individually and in relation to one another, then brought back into a state of harmony. 

To facilitate your healing journey, Rodney integrates seven Eastern healing disciplines that he believes are best suited to identify often hidden disturbances and regain harmony. He chose these disciplines because they are the most widely researched and have the highest rate of proven results and necessary backing to become effective modern healthcare practices. Based on Rodney’s own experience and that of his clients, he believes they are the future of healing and self-empowerment. 

With Rodney’s help, you will learn how to ascertain information from the five key areas of self, construct a path of complete healing, and apply the necessary restorative techniques on your own. Ultimately, you will discover the powerful healer within yourself. 

Rodney’s intention is for this knowledge to become widely accessible to any and all who need it, and for any and all who wish to employ it in the future and are committed to the Process of Good Health.

Happiness is the fulfillment of your needs; joy is the fulfillment of your preferences.”

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