Do you do group work?

I can be booked for group presentations and I am working on completing online courses at this time as well as a YouTube channel and podcast, entitled “Sole Guidance: Sage Advise for those Individuals on a Self Directed Spiritual Journey”.

Where are you located?

Rodney’s primary residence in Sun Valley, Idaho; he also works frequently in San Francisco, Maui and internationally.

Can sessions be done online and are they as effective as in person?

Yes, video conference sessions can be quite effective. However, many clients still prefer to meet in person. It is suggested that at least one session be conducted in person.

What types of illnesses do you work with?

My clients include people who are experiencing psychological or emotional, psychic or spiritual maladies. Rodney also specializes in pre-op and post-op surgical preparation and recovery. Rodney also offers continued assistance for clients with more complex or subtle mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of an illness.

How many sessions should I expect in order to achieve resolution of an issue?

As many as it takes to identify and alleviate the underlying causes of your ailment. This varies from client to client and ailment to ailment. However, within one to two sessions, you should expect a definite change in symptom patterns that will indicate whether this course of action is right for you.

Is touching necessary?

In most cases, direct touch is not required. However, there are a small number of cases where hands-on techniques are indicated to initiate the release of the guarding patterns within the muscular-skeletal system. This is all accomplished while you are fully clothed. Rodney is fully trained and certified in these techniques to the highest degrees attainable.

Can I book sessions for one or more consecutive days?

Yes. This can be done one of two ways: Rodney can travel to your location for a minimum of four days. Or, you may book full-day sessions at Rodney’s location with a two-day minimum. These are intensive sessions that last a full five hours. They are dedicated solely to you and Rodney is on-call for you 24/7 during your booked time. Prices for intensives are discussed at the time of booking.

When are you available to contact?

I respond to texts, emails or phone calls – Monday through Friday from 11am till 5pm only. I do not work after hours or weekends.