I have known Rodney Blount since the summer of 1996. During this time I have come to recognize Rodney as a person of complete honesty and trustworthiness. I would – without reservation – trust him with my life, or anything I own.”
Jon C. Silver, Three-time Mayor – Portola Valley, California

What impressed me most about Rodney Blount is his integrity. The changes that took place for me were not only spiritual and emotional, but physical as well. I felt a deep sense of well being, faith in the future and in my ability to make good decisions creating that future.”
Megan Clarke, Addictions Counselor

I found relief from my very first visit, and with follow up visits, not only has my ankle progressed, but also many other ailments. I will be a lifelong client of Mr. Blount, and can highly recommend his services to all in need.”
Tim W. Garretson, President – Garretson Construction, Inc.

When Blount opened his eyes again, I found myself laughing about a phobia that had plagued me for as long as I could remember.”
Courtney Mather, Maui Time Weekly

In the short time that I have known him, I find him to be polite and professional, caring and gentle. He was very helpful to me in assisting me with my health issues, and I found him to be responsible in the provision of care and healing.”
Rosario Navarrette, Deputy Director of the Department on the Status of Women City and County of San Francisco

Having known Rodney Blount for the past four years, I know him to be a scholar and intellect. He is a holistic advocate and a man dedicated to helping others. He is someone who lives in accordance to his values, which makes him an asset to our environment and our community.”
Margot FL Brown, LMFT. Psy. D., CHT